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  • (1988-1998)

    The Urban Landscapes series reflects the life experience of existence in large cities. This is an objective exercise in contemporary art that portrays the way society is currently organised at the end of the 20th century. In the form of a premonition, it explores the changes taking place as we advance towards a new future.

  • (2000-present)

    The Towers series leaves open a window to the imagination. Fantasy disintegrates what is real according to the impulses that come from the innermost part of the soul, with the pieces becoming reassembled and creating a new world. Yebra does not conceive this idea as a set of individual works but instead considers it an infinite trajectory that allows external inputs.

  • (2012-present)

    Landscapes in a Singular Time stems from the need for a new vision of nature; a nature that, should it exist, does so in another time and space.

    In a specific context, existence is a mutation that escapes the system governing the course of events. In these pieces, the worlds images are never as the eye sees and learns them. Rather, they replace reality itself with the dream of reality.

  • ()

    With his background an eclectic series of experiments, Yebra tries to avoid any dependence on a single formula, trend or fashion. To create an artwork is to travel a personal, invisible world that one discovers on advancing within it. Yebra enjoys being surprised by how this process reveals secrets to him and also by the way it retains the mysteries of which humans may dream.