Alfonso Martn Yebra was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1954 but spent his first fourteen years in Sidi Ifni, a small southern Moroccan town. He then divided his time between Las Palmas in the Canaries and the former Villa Cisneros, now Dakhla, on the Western Saharan coast. Aged 22, he returned to Madrid for his compulsory military service. Yebra never found a specific vocation, other than dreaming. He strolled through university for a few years, winding his way between a variety of studies. Finally, he opted for computers, ended up as a programmer and systems analyst and started work with a private company. It was not until 1984 that Yebra began to discover the element that would bring deep and true meaning to his life. This was art and, more specifically, painting. As his interest grew, he combined his day job with the task of teaching himself to paint. In 1992, Yebra held his first individual exhibition at Madrids Manuel Macias Gallery. Since then, he has displayed his work at a variety of venues including public and private cultural centres, town halls, galleries and multi-purpose art spaces.


First frontier: As a boy in a state of constant innocence, I would station myself on the balustrade, above that red earth cliff some twenty paces from my house. I would while away the time watching the seagulls in flight: not sedentary seagulls from an accessible plot of land, but those with skinny wings that persist in the air, immobile, masters of the art of sailing and survival.

Second frontier: An acrobat whose mount was vertigo, rising and falling on metaphysical staircases, I would reach the beach, where carelessness was shown no mercy. I spent my time in contemplation of the mercury sea, the indisputable empress of the planet, seven rising, longitudinal, foamy waves, acoustic as they break on the sand, the ocean of every hour of my childhood, an ocean that was either fearsome or meek, as the days chose.

Third frontier: As an artist, as a painter, I have no philosophy. What attracts me is experimentation, expressing myself freely in the frontier of what is real, what is fantasy, what is uncertain. I never dream when I sleep. My dreams appear when I am awake. I dream about the world within other dreams and I imagine the world within other worlds. I believe that the artists fundamental role must be to make people dream. Physical objects, realities and perceptions coexist with non-physical objects in the same space and time. I seek the internal, fantastic and mysterious images that transcend the certainties to which we are accustomed.